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为您的冷却塔系统维修和安装提供优质的机械服务. Our technicians diagnose and fix most issues in one visit!

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The average person doesn’t come across a cooling tower very often, and they can be a confusing site if you’ve never seen one before. 大多数人把冷却塔和核电站联系在一起,和他们标志性的冷却塔联系在一起. However, not all cooling towers are this big. 有些较小,被日常商业建筑用作专门的热交换器,使空气和水直接接触,以便通过蒸发降低温度. Most HVAC cooling towers have an entirely different physical appearance. 它们可能看起来像大型金属盒子,可能会释放出像蒸汽一样的细雾. 基本上,电子竞技比赛竞猜冷却塔是用来处理来自冷却器的多余废热. 当热水从冷凝器被泵到塔中时,这种热传递使冷水机更有效地工作.

商用冷却塔系统具有多种尺寸和用途. 如果您不确定哪个冷却塔是您设备的最佳选择,我们的 knowledgeable technicians will be happy to advise you.


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Commercial Cooling Towers

The most common type of cooling towers are:

  • Crossflow cooling towers: In crossflow cooling towers, 水垂直地流过填充物,而空气水平地流过下落的水流. In these cooling tower designs, 热水通过分布盆底板上的计量孔支撑的穿孔盆,通过重力分布到充填体中. 横流冷却塔通常更容易维护,因为它们很容易接近关键部件, but have a larger footprint.
  • Counterflow cooling towers逆流式冷却塔的设计使空气垂直向上流动, counter to the flow of falling water in the fill. 这些电子竞技比赛竞猜冷却塔使用低压喷嘴将热水均匀地分布在填料表面. 一个漂移消除部分以上的水分配拒绝所有的水在液体形式,并保持在循环系统. Counter flow cooling towers usually have a much smaller footprint, making them a great choice for those systems with limited space.

冷却塔也可以根据它们如何从冷却塔中去除空气进行划分. Cooling towers may either utilize a natural draft to remove heat, or rely on a fan to push or draw the air out of the top of the tower. For example:

  • Natural Draft Cooling Towers 利用自然通风将热量从塔顶穿过或排出. 这些塔利用双曲面形状,通常与核电站有关, as this shape aids in the upward convection of airflow.
  • Induced draft cooling towers 是否有风扇,通常安装在单位的顶部,将空气通过填充介质. 这是典型的最有效和经济的商业冷却塔系统类型.
  • Forced Draft Cooling Towers 利用冷却塔底部的风扇推动空气通过换热填充介质.

In addition to commercial cooling tower installations, we are also certified to perform cooling tower repairs and upgrades.

Commercial Cooling Tower Repairs and Maintenance

商用冷却塔会产生许多问题. It is best to seek out professional help in case of Cooling tower issues. 我们竭诚为电子竞技比赛竞猜提供全天候的紧急维修服务.  If you have noticed an issue with your cooling tower, 让我们帮助您找到问题,使您的冷却塔正常有效地运行. 需要立即注意的冷却塔可能出现的一些问题包括:

  • Corrosion and rust: 这可能导致盆失效,甚至导致换热器和管道系统的过早失效.
  • Excessive vibration or noise: 过多的噪音可能会导致与风扇叶片或风扇马达的问题.
  • Unexpected drop in cooling capacity: If you notice a drop in cooling capacity, you may have an issue with the motor, or a more serious electric power issue.
  • Water leaks: Water leaks may be caused by basin overflow or by compromised end caps.
  • Ice buildup: 冰的积累可以发生在流量或温度问题,并可能导致严重的空气流动问题. Ice buildup should always be allowed to melt naturally, not manually removed.

对商用冷却塔进行定期维修是非常重要的. 如果你的冷却塔没有得到正确的维护,它会导致效率下降,甚至有可能导致室内空气质量问题, bringing on a host of health hazards. Contaminants such as dust, pollen, and even insects can become captured as water falls through the air stream. These particulates settle in the basin and can pose an array of issues. Because of warm water temperatures, the water in a cooling tower, if not properly maintained with a chemical treatment, can harbor harmful bacteria such as legionella bacteria, which can cause legionnaires disease if the water system is not maintained correctly. Corrosion, white rust, 如果杂质的沉积没有得到保持,盆内的水就会变成污泥,甚至会导致盆内破裂. 保持冷却塔和电子竞技比赛竞猜系统的最高效率,并在今天安排定期的预防性维护!

定期对你们的冷却塔进行维护将使它们保持在峰值状态,并确保你们的设施将继续平稳运行. 我们的专业技术人员在冷却塔系统的应急服务和日常维修服务方面受过专业培训和丰富的知识. 我们还服务和维护工业冷水机组和商业冷水机组系统,这些系统在某些应用中可以与商业冷却塔配套使用.

No matter what kind of cooling tower design your office or business has, we offer a handful of annual, bi-annual, and quarterly service packages 这将保护您的冷却塔电子竞技比赛竞猜和工业电子竞技比赛竞猜冷却塔系统免受任何意外的紧急情况. Superior Mechanical has been installing, repairing, and maintaining heating and cooling systems for over 30 years, 是北卡罗来纳三合会最值得信赖的供暖和空调公司之一.


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We understand that HVAC problems often strike when you least expect them. 这就是为什么我们承诺提供24小时的可用性,以适应您可能遇到的任何电子竞技比赛竞猜紧急情况. Our HVAC contractors are always punctual, prompt, and courteous. We arrive on time and finish on time—every time.



With our HVAC Repair Policy, You can count on our team to complete your service with accuracy and skill. Our goal is to provide a repair that is effective, lasting, and permanent. 这样,你就不必为同样的问题叫我们两次,就像我们喜欢见到你一样.


Preventative Maintenance

As a business owner, 你有足够的事要做,不用担心你的电子竞技比赛竞猜维护需求. 让我们从您的肩膀上卸下负担,预防性维护服务和清洁. Our heating, air conditioning, ventilation, 管道服务会让你的生意顺利进行.